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India’s Military budget is 48 Billion US$ which is now 6th highest in the world.

China’s military budget is 145 Billion US$ which is 2nd in the world

India has an active military strength of 1.3 million and with reserved troops and paramilitary the total strength is more than 4.2 million.

With 2.3 million active military personnel, China’s total troop’s strength is more than 3.3 million

In terms of air superiority China has a significant dominance.

India possesses Total 2102 Aircraft including 676 fighter aircraft and 666 helicopters

China has a total of 2955 aircraft including 1271 fighter aircraft and 912 helicopters

The most advanced fighter aircraft in Indian air force is Sukhoi Su-30Mki, a twin-jet Air Superiority Fighter designed and developed by Russia’s Sukhoi

Chinese made Chengdu J-10, is the most advanced multirole fighter aircraft and the workhorse of China’s air force.

China also has an advantage in self-propelled artillery with 1710 pieces compared to India’s 290. China possesses 6457 combat tanks whereas the Indian army got 4426.

The max range for an Indian ballistic missile is 5000 kilometres whereas Chinese missile can be projected up to a target 13000 kilometres away

With 1 aircraft carrier, 51 frigates, 35 destroyers and 220 patrol craft China has total 714 naval assets in its fleet.

Indian Navy has got 3 aircraft carrier, 14 frigates, 11 destroyers and 139 patrol which are a part of its 295 strong fleet

The Chinese Navy has a strong fleet of 68 submarines against 15 Indian submarines

Both India and China are among the nine nations who are armed with nuclear weapons and according to latest global firepower reports India possess 110 warheads where as China has 260.

The Chinese Communist Party has been allocating significant resources in last few decades to expand and modernise the Chinese military where are India has also been sourcing large chunk of budget towards defence. In Sikkim India and China share a demarcated international border, going back to the Anglo-Chinese convention of 1890 which has raised multiple disputes in the past. The recent standoff near Sikkim underlines the deterioration in India-China relations. We hope the relations between the Asian giants, however doesn’t slide any further and they look forward to solve the matter amicably.

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