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India’s Military budget is 45.2 Billion US$ which is 8th highest in the world.

Pakistan’s military budget is 7.61 Billion US$ which is 33rd in the world

With 13.25 lakhs active military personnel, India’s total troop’s strength is more than 47 Lakh which is 4th in the world of most number of military troops.

Pakistan’s has an active military strength of 6.2 lakhs and with reserved troops and paramilitary the total strength is more than 14 Lakh. They rank 10th in the list.

Air superiority is still a top priority to war planners in any theatre

India possesses Total 2086 Aircraft including 646 fighter helicopters ranks 4th in the world

Pakistan in the possession of 923 aircraft including 306 helicopters and are 11th in the world

The most advanced aircraft in the pakistan air forces is United states developed F-16

India possesses Russian made Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighters, which have supermaneuverability gives it a 30-percent superiority over F-16.

Islamabad has an advantage only in self-propelled artillery, being able to field 240 pieces compared to India’s 180. But it loses out in towed artillery where New Delhi has a 4,175-to-1,467 advantage.

India owns 5 Military Satellites in space Aircraft. Pakistan doesn’t have any Military Satellite.

Total Number of Navy Ship Pakistan possess is 197 and is 11th in the world in terms of Navy Ship strength. With 295 Navy ships they rank 7th in the world. In addition, India has 37 Naval aircraft and 13 Sub Marine compared to Pakistan’s 5 Naval aircraft and 5 Sub Marine.

If it came to nuclear warfare, according to the CSIS report India has 400 kg of weapons-usable plutonium, would be sufficient to produce 65 bombs where as Pakistan is believed to have more than 200 kg of weapons-grade uranium, which is enough to construct up to 25 nuclear weapons.

India enjoys a strong numerical advantage over Pakistan in both conventional and nuclear weapons, giving it an edge in its current confrontation with its perennial foe.

However Military “Strength” comprises a complex combination of many tangible and intangible factors. Military history shows that the true strength of the Armed Forces is tested only in war.

While cross border terrorism and Kashmir issues have been constantly creating tension between two of the most powerful nations in south asian region, will the two countries go in to full-fledged war anytime soon?

Let’s explore in our next episode. Share your opinion in the comments section.

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